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Sauropods seventy feet high!

With all the current talk about 
Parrish's ground-level sauropods, 
no one mentioned an interesting datum 
from the quoted article:

>>"The two animals studied are in a group 
>>known as Sauropods. These are massive animals 
>>with long tails and long necks and small heads.  
>>The Apatosaurus, for instance, 
>>is thought to have weighed up to 100 tons, 
>>stood up to 70 feet in height and had a 
>>tail-to-head length of about 130 feet."

Now, this 70-foot-height datum intrigues.  
Does the writer mean that "the Apatosaurus"
stood "70 feet in height" at the shoulders?
An animal "70 feet in height" at the shoulders 
or hips would be a very interesting item.
As far as I know, no such animal has been found.

In the distant days of my youth, it was averred
by responsible paleontologists that large sauropods
could not even walk on dry land, a notion that 
I found difficult to swallow even then.  
The idea that sauropods must have kept their 
heads and necks within easy reach of any horrible 
animal lurking in the brush is equally difficult 
to get down.  

John C. McLoughlin