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Re: Sauropods seventy feet high!

John, et al:

The quote:

>>>"The Apatosaurus, for instance,
>>>is thought to have weighed up to 100 tons,
>>>stood up to 70 feet in height and had a
>>>tail-to-head length of about 130 feet."

        - is decidedly wrong, it may be refering to old information put out
years ago about "Ultrasaurus", then considered the largest sauropod.
Supposed to be "5 -6 stories high, and over 100 feet long and weighing
nearly 100 tons".  This specimen is now considered to be a _Supersaurus_,
and the size estimates have changed as well  (120 feet long, 30-40 feet high
[the head], and 30-50 tons).  Of course, there are other giants that have
surpassed these figures (_Argentinosaurus_ [spelling?] may have been nearly
200 feet long).

    Just don't believe everything that you read in the papers!

            Allan Edels