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Re: educational website

Thom Holmes wrote:

> See what you think of this educational website from Enchanted Learning
> Software about dinosaurs.
> http://www.zoomschool.com/subjects/dinosaurs/toc.shtml. I have no connection
> with this company and have never heard of them. Someone just pointed the
> site out to me.  I have no idea who may have worked with them on the
> technical accuracy (credits appear to be lacking). It is fairly up to date
> (lacks currentness in birds and dinosaurs) but for an online web resource
> for kids doing dinosaur reports, it is an excellent complement to other
> resources.
> --Thom Holmes
> dinosaur writer at large


I'm the author of Zoom Dinosaurs.  My name is listed on the main entry page,
which is http://www.ZoomDinosaurs.com (plus there's a link to my personal home
page that lists my professional background, eclectic as it may be).

As far as I know, Zoom Dinosaurs is up-to-date - and I strive to keep it that
way.  It would be a lot easier if you paleontology types would slow down a
bit!  If you have any suggestions where any weaknesses lie, please let me know
- I would really appreciate it.

Jeananda Col

Zoom Dinosaurs http://www.ZoomDinosaurs.com