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Re: Dinotopia tidbit

While hope springs eternal,
Jim Gurney basically says that the picture is in "preparation."
In the movie business this means that there is not anything really very
definite yet.
There are LOTS of rumors and LOTS of production designs and LOTS of budget
attempts, but the bottom line is that it is an EXPENSIVE movie and a lot
may depend upon the success of Disney's Dinosaurs movie next year.
However... stay tuned.
Check the Dinotopia website: http://www.dinotopia.com as it has the most up
to date and reliable rumors.

Betty Cunningham wrote:

> Ian McCaig is a really sweet person, an awesome artist, the designer of
> the Jedi costumes and the costumes of Queen Amidala in THE PHANTOM
> MENACE.....and this little bio of his on the official STAR WARS site
> casually drops hints about the Dinotopia movie......
> http://www.starwars.com/crew/mccaig/
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