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re: rewards

Roger A. Stephenson wrote:
>Today we had a group of 8 young men, ages 7-9, come through >our facility.
We had our opening Monday, not to be confused >with a grand open to come
later in the summer, and this group >was the most fun of all the visitors
we've had. These guys ran >from one case to the next, back again,and were
totally >entralled. 

heh heh, I've seen grown paleontologists act the same way. :)

Seriously, a few months ago people where grousing about kids at museums.
When you get a chance to work with kids, you realize the little sponges are
the norm, but the monster kids are the ones you tend to notice. 

I teach dinosaur and geology classes at our museum's overnight program. It's
really a blast. I have such a good time, and I feed off the pure
enthusiasium and curiousity. Kids are a real tonic.  

>Lemmon may not be the hub of the dinosaur world, yet, but today >my job
seemed a lot more important and rewarding to me.

I know what you mean. I had a little girl come up to me after a class and
tell me, "I didn't know girls could be paleontologists!!" Wow. I was a role
model! It blows you away- a few minutes of your time has the potiential to
change someone's life!

-Sherry Michael 

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