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Supracoracoideus ...

A small bone (acutally muscle) of contention.

James Cunnigham said:"Archie couldn't achieve that beat frequency
from a standing start because of the
lack of a supracoracoideus  ..."

This is really nit-picky (so forgive me) but technically all
archosaurs and lepidosaurs have a supracoracoideus muscle.  I think
what you mean to say is that Archie has a poorly-developed or
non-bird-like supracoracoideus.  The supracoracoideus in alligators
originates on the coracoid and inserts onto the deltopectoral crest of
the humerus, and aids in shoulder flexion and drawing the arm forward,
and it was likely present in some form in all known dinosaurs.

Matt Bonnan