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Summer Paleo Program(s)

Sorry to cross posts.

Summer Paleontology Prgram(s) with Timescale Adventures.In Choteau/Bynum
Montana located on Montana highway 89.  There are several programs that are
offered. Here is alist of them.

Seminars Available:

3-Hour: learn basic fossil recognition, history and geology on site.  9am to
1pm daily. Cost $20.00 Adult, $10.00 children (12 and under)

Campfire Session: 3-hour streamside get together. Includes discussions with
the paleontologist, historian, music, stories, songs and barbeque.  6pm
daily  Cost $20.00 Adult, $10.00 Child

1-Day: Includes information on area paleontology and geology combined with
digging at an active site. 9am daily. Cost $75.00 per person.

2-Day: Extended experience in field collecting and fossil preservation.
Dates by reservation. Cost $125.00 per person.

10-Day: An in-depth session covering all aspects of filed paleontology,
including discovery, collection, preservation, and interpretation. Focuses
on discoveries in the Two Medicine Formation. Session begins last Monday of
July. Cost $600 per person includes certificate.  Can also get college
credit for this at the U of Pacific...  contact Dave for more information.

Indoor:  Year-round hands-on fossil preparation and preservation.  A special
program for those who prefer an indoor activity. Cost 1/2 day- $30.00 per
person, Full Day- $50.00 per person.

Custom: These seminars allow participants to study paricular topics suited
to individual interests. Our staff is experienced in most areas of biology,
archaeology, history, and Native American studies. Contact us with your
specific area of interest. Dates by reservation.  Cost as 1 or 2-day. Longer
sessions at $60.00 per person per day.

All seminars are subject to a minimum charge equal to two adults. Seminar
prices do not include lodging or meals.

For more information contact Dave Trexler at: dtrexler@3rivers.net  or visit
the website at: http://timescale.3rivers.net

Hope to see some of you there!  


Mr. K.Wicks
Dickinson State University -ND
Dept of Natural Sciences- Biology

Paleo Mont Research

Paleo Mont Park

"If we knew what we were doing, it wouldnt be called research, would it?" A.

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