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Re: CNN: how first birds flew

Thank you. I'll get this article and take a look at it.
The only things that strike me wrong is that insect wings
operate at very different Reynold's numbers than
bird wings and the quote by Gauthier, which I think was
in a web article about the Peabody exhibit, seems to
play up maneuverability.
-Gus Derkits

Patrick Norton wrote:

> Gus Derkits asked:
> >Can anyone give me a citation for the article by "the physicist"? I have
> not been able to find it.<
> Could the elusive physicist(s?) have been J.G. Kingsolver and M.A.R. Koehl,
> in  Evolution, 39, 488 (1985)?  I think their article was  also described in
> _On the Origin of Insect Wings_Science, Vol. 230. 10/25/85 and critiqued by
> S.J. Gould in _Not Necessarily a Wing_Natural History, 10/85. I even seem to
> recall that Kingsolver's work was based on earlier work by P. Whalley
> (1978-79?).