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Re: Sauropd necks

"k. clay" <clayke@pacbell.net> wrote:

>So I think the discussion should be:
>How did they do it? What adaptation's?
>In stead of:
>Did they or didn't they?

Hear hear. 

Do brachiosuar (proposed high browser) neck vertebrae have a structure
that allows very good rotation? It would seem useful to have the ability
to turn your head through, say 180 degress to crop all around you,
intead of having to move your body for the next morsel../.

Similarly, do those proposed "low browsers" _not_ have this feature (it
would seem pointless since they are  browsing pretty much in one plane)? 

Ilja Nieuwland wrote:

>Speaking of all this: is there a study anywhere that combines relevant 
>palaeontological and palaeobotanical evidence (i.e. that demonstrates 
>the need of sauropods to rear up because of the height of treetops)? 

Well, I always wondered if the sequoia grew so tall to "escape" the
threat of being eaten. When I put this to a botanist she dismissed it,
cheers, martin
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