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Re: http://www.dinosaurextinction.com

>I make about 10-15% of my income as an expert witness in the field of fluids
>litigation, so am interested in the structure of agreements.  I think the
>required pre-entry agreement at your website is very effective, and it was
>certainly sufficient to prevent me from ever entering the site.

You said it, Jim, and that's why I'm asking the dino list for advice 

By the way, there's a response mechanism so please, if there are ARE 
other replies, reply to me offline?. This isn't dinosaur science and I 
don't want Mary to kick my butt. 

You're absolutely right, Jim, and that's what I said to my lawyer. It may 
be that in the current legal climate the idea of a site soliciting advice 
is too utopian. 


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