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Re: http://www.dinosaurextinction.com

>Nyctosaurus isn't known from anywhere near the K-T boundary as far as I can 
>remember (it's coeval with Pteranodon).

Very helpful, George, I'll certainly take your word over the book I got 
N. from. 

The payoff for this scupulousness would be that as the reader reads, 
he/she thinks, "the odds are that this scene really happened, with these 
animals, and it looked, sounded, even smelled just like this." 

I disliked the movie Titanic, but as the ship went down at the end, it 
was a thrill to be thinking, "If I had been there, this is exactly what I 
would have seen." 

 The first twenty minutes of Saving Private Ryan were so densely 
researched and freshly imagined, they also "took you there." 

I think the place many people would like to visit the most, is the KT.