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Re: http://www.dinosaurextinction.com

>Note that the bugs imply a whole bug-related ecology - small
>animals eating bugs, bugs feeding from large and small animals, and even
>"cleaners" - symbionts like tick birds in Africa that earn their living by
>bugs off big animals. 

See what I mean about mental "convergence" as it were? Good thinking! In 
fact, so good, that Bakker already put a long "tick bird" scene into 
Raptor Red (dammit) and it's one of the best scenes in the book!  

After studying the wonderful dinosaur pathology site a while back, I 
added ticks to soft tissue areas around the Triceratops' lips and eyes, 
and the thin edges of the frill. Bakker hand't done that.  (Most of the 
beast's hide could be nearly double the thickness of an elephant's.)  

Gus, thank you again for taking time.