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Re: Running with arms out

At 05:21 PM 5/9/99 EDT, Dinogeorge wrote:
>In a message dated 5/9/99 12:43:31 PM EST, jjackson@interalpha.co.uk writes 
>(quoting Tom Holtz):
><< II) Selection favors variants with a longer reach (longer arms, longer
> hands). >>
>Doubt that this is true. In some theropods the forelimbs are ridiculously 
>small, in others not so small. I see no selective favoritism of longer reach, 
>longer forelimbs here.

Okay, should have been less telegraphic here:

II) Along the lineage in question, selection favored some variants with a
longer reach.

(As George points out, there are plenty of theropods at various stages
(_Torvosaurus_, tyrannosaurids, alvarezsaurids, etc.) for which shorter arms
were selected).

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