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Re: Alxasaurus the Theropod

At 01:36 PM 5/10/99 -0700, Larry Dunn wrote:
>OK, what makes Alxasaurus a theropod?  Russell and
>Dong give characters and then announce theropod
>affinities without making the middle step (to my
>untrained eye, anyway).
>Anyone up for converting the reasons for human

Rather than duplicating their efforts, check out pp. 2121-2125 (the section
labelled "Relationships within the Saurischia").  This necessitates doing a
little research (that is, getting a copy of Gauthier, 1986, which is
referenced in that section).

If you have questions after that, please post again.

Brought to you by the Self-Appointed Committee to Get People to Read the
Friggin' Papers. (SACGPRFP ?!?). :-)

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