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RE: Weird mammal cladograms, and dino implications

On related subject of Cretaceous bigogeography (mammal-inspired), the
following will be of interest to many:

Rich, T.H., Vickers-Rich, P., Constantine, A., Flannery, T.F., Kool, L. &
van Klaveren, N.  1999.  Early Cretaceous mammals from Flat Rocks, Victoria,
Australia.  Records of the Queen Victoria Museum, Launceston, 106: 1-35.

The authors examine in detail the controversial tribosphenic mammal
Ausktribosphenos, and they describe a new eupantothere - Teinolophos - from
the Early Cretaceous (Aptian) of Victoria, Australia.  They also explore
some interesting palaleobiogeographic hypotheses - thought-provoking stuff,
and certainly relevant to Cretaceous dinosaur distributions.

One admirable feature is the inclusion (reprinting) of papers previously
published in Lethaia - both pro and con the interpretation of
Ausktribsphenos as a placental mammal.

Wish I had time to sit down and read it thoroughly.

Tony Thulborn