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Differing opinions

In a perfect dinosaur world, we would all have the same opinions on
flora and fauna and physics and chat harmoniously about our convergent 
thoughts.  However, the dino list has yet to cross the  K/T boundary of 
agreeability, and we may indeed post a variety of opinions on subjects.

It is not a personal attack if someone posts an opinion which differs from 
one's own.   Our list includes experts and amateurs with knowledge in an 
amazing variety of fields which can relate to dinosaurs and how they lived.
This furthers our discussion and helps us learn.  If erroneous information is
posted, how would we know unless the experts tell us that it is wrong?  
Since our list is archived, that information can stand and be referenced
unless it is corrected.  

If one is going to argue a point, then one should be very sure of his
interpretation, or be ready to concede to a more informed opinion.  That
is neither war nor surrender.  Anyone who is unable to do that with a
certain amount of civility can expect a time-out or more.

Mary Kirkaldy
Co-owner, Dinosaur Mailing List