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Job Announcement: Dino. VS @ NMNH-SI

And now, the free for all begins. Where was this position four or five years

>Visiting Scientist specializing in the study of dinosaurs, Department of
>Paleobiology, National Museum of Natural History, Smithsonian Institution,
>Washington, DC
>Posting Date: 10 May 1999
>Closing Date: 31 July 1999
>The Department of Paleobiology at the National Museum of Natural History
>(NMNH), Smithsonian Institution, Washington, DC, invites applications for a
>Visiting Scientist specializing in the study of dinosaurs.  The position is
>non-renewable for up to 2 years, and will be funded through a $50K contract
>to cover salary and/or research expenses.  The successful applicant will be
>entitled to facilities and institutional support as a member of the
>Department of Paleobiology.  Duties will include research and assistance
>with public programs and development activities concerning dinosaurs.
>Please submit a CV, names and addresses of no more than three colleagues
>familiar with your work, and a three-page research proposal (with budget)
>by July 31 to:
>Dr. Richard Benson
>Chair, Department of Paleobiology
>MRC NHB 121
>Smithsonian Institution
>Washington, DC  20560
>(202) 357-2162 or (202) 357-1893

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