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Re: Depressing?

In a message dated 5/11/99 5:22:01 AM EST, I.J.J.Nieuwland@let.rug.nl writes:

 (Dinos - sie liefen so schnell, dass sie abhoben)
 It must have been a real thundering, before the heavy beasts took off.
 Dinosaurs could fly on their own accord, say the Californian 
 scientists Luis Chiappe and Philippe Burgers.
 The way in which the dinos learned to fly, was described by the 
 scientists in the renowned journal "Nature". Their theory: the 
 bipedal saurians 'started off' directly from a quick run.
 Sofar, it was assumed that the [Urvoegel] jumped from a tree and thus 
 acquired flight. 
 However, having examined the fossil remains of the oldest bird 
 (Archaeopteryx), both Californians concluded: the Archaeopteryx could 
 run fast enough to take off. According to their calculations it ran 7 
 km/h for six metres of flight. To gain lift, it is supposed to have 
 flapped its wings like a swan. 
 The dinos did not take of voluntarily. They flew to get away from 
 their enemies. >>

This is utter nonsense--the worst kind of extrapolative reporting of a 
scientific paper I've ever seen.