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Re: Weird mammal cladograms, and dino implications

On Tue, 11 May 1999, Ronald Orenstein wrote:

> >> This is news to me - references?  And as turacos are confined to Africa
> >> today, do they really belong here?
> >
> >Dang it, I knew I shoulda looked it up.  Maybe it was musophagids?  It was
> >someone on the list who mentioned it...Darren Naish?
> >
> >-Nick P.
> Ah... Nick... Musophagids ARE turacos.

OK, ya caught me.  I haven't looked at much bird taxonomy in a LONG time.
But I think these were indeed said to be related to cariamas,
phorusrhacoids, caracaras, New World vultures, and hoatzins.

-Nick P.