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Free dinosaur articles in Nature

This week's Nature (May 13) has a freebie on dinosaurs.  Go to
http://www.nature.com and click on " Dinosaurs make an impression." 
Then read the press release, "On the dinosaur trail," from the Nature 
News Service.

Then read the News and Views section featuring "Dinosaur tracks in 
the computer age," by Kevin Padian. 

But wait, that's not all...

"Three-dimensional preservation of foot movements in Triassic 
theropod dinosaurs," by Stephen M. Gatesy, Kevin M. Middleton, 
Farish A. Jenkins  JR & Neil H. Shubin. 

"101 uses for fossilized faeces" - Peter Andrews and Yolanda Fernandez-

"The vertebrate track record" - Martin G. Lockley 

"A king-sized theropod coprolite -  Karen Chin, Timothy T. Tokaryk,
Gregory M. Erickson & Lewis C. Calk 
"Foot posture in a primitive pterosaur" - J. M. Clark, J. A. Hopson, R.
Hernandez R., D. E. Fastovsky & M. Montellano