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Re: dinosaur questions

    I was about to answer, and suggest Mike's site, and Jeff Poling's (among
others) that could help you.  Then Mike sent his message.    I checked the
Mike's list of records for the largest, and Mike says that _Argentinosaurus_
is the largest.

    Yet, elsewhere, he says: "_Amphicoelias fragillimus_ was named for an
enormous vertebra which has since been lost (if it ever existed). Only a
drawing remains, which claims that the vertebra was 2.4 m tall, making the
animal about 45 m long and possibly the biggest land animal ever, at 100 to
150 metric tonnes."   Greg Paul has estimated its length as 40-60 meters
long, which is 130-200 feet long.  (DinoFest International Proceedings 1996
(Publ. 1998)).  He also indicated that a 'world record' individual of that
species could have weighed as much as 200 metric tonnes.

    To be specific, there was only one vertebrae ever found, by E. D. Cope,
which has since disappeared.  (One would imagine that something that huge
would be noticed easily).

    BTW,  there are often several species per genera.  (_Triceratops_ has 15
species, _Tyrannosaurus_ has one - or two depending on how you classify

    Allan Edels

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>On Sat, 15 May 1999 Giants388@aol.com wrote:
>> What is the biggest dinosaur and what is the smallest
>> and how many dinosaur species have been identified?
>http://dinosaur.umbc.edu/genera.htm (genera, not species...)
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