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Dinosaur TV Week

One closing and 1.6 billion dollars later, here are
some highlights of U.S. national television
programming concerning dinosaurs, other prehistoric
animals and evolution, from high art to low trash and
(hopefully) back again, all times Eastern (check local
listings to confirm):

Tuesday, May 18

Discovery Channel, 9:00am
Assignment Discovery
"Creatures of the Sky; When Dinosaurs Ruled"
Reported to have much interesting dinosaur content.

PBS, 8:00pm (may not be broadcast on all PBS stations)
Odyssey of Life
"The Ultimate Journey"
Ontogeny recapitulates phylogeny?

Friday, May 21

Discovery Channel, 9:00am
Assignment Discovery
"Evolution's Next Step"
No idea what this is about.  Your move.

Saturday, May 22

A&E, 11:00am
Biography International
"Charles Darwin: Evolution's Choice"
Biography of another eccentric Englishman.

Discovery Channel, 8:00pm (rebroadcasts midnight)
Aquatic Ape
Was there an aquatic phase in human evolution?

Sunday, May 23

American Movie Classics, 9:30am
When Dinosaurs Ruled the Earth
Dinosaurs chase Italian babes.  I'll say the dinosaur
models were made of polystyrene to start another
thread. Hee hee.

May the Force be with someone else,


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Go join your gang, yeah
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