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RE: Dromiosauridae papers..


The AMNH library has for purchase a number of "Novitates" one of which is: 
"Important Features of the Dromaeosaur Skeleton: Information from a New 
Specimen".   I have included ordering information below.  The $3.00 cost 
includes postage.  They have a number of other publications available as well.  
The web site is: <http://nimidi.amnh.org/> then click on "Publications for 
Purchase" then "American Museum Novitates Titles".  I'm sure you will find a 
wealth of information.

Ordering information:

Scientific Publications Distribution
American Museum of Natural History Library
CPW @ 79th Street
New York, NY 10024

3215  Important Features of the Dromaeosaur Skeleton: Information from a New 

Mark A. Norell and Peter J. Makovicky   28 pages December 31, 1997   $3.00

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      Would someone mine telling me how I could get my hands on some RECENT
papers about anything in the Dromiosauridae (spelling?)?

                         Thank you,
                         Caleb Lewis 

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