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RE: archive searching restored and more on "packs"

At 11:32 AM 5/18/99 -0700, Nathan Myhrvold wrote:
<some stuff deleted>

>The vast majority of studies continue to show that there is no hunting
>success increase in "pack" hunting. Packer and many others have come up with
>many different ways of looking at hunting success - per individual, per
>energy expended, per km run, and the conclusion remains the same - hunting
>success in ANY definition that people have come up with INCLUDING energy
>expended does not seem to increase with pack size.    
>This isn't a misrepresentation of current research - it basically is a
>summary of current research.
>The explanations that seem to work best for group hunting is that the
>animals in question are social.  They hang out together, and when they hunt,
>they hunt together.  Social living probably has some benefit, but not in
>hunting per se.

<some other stuff deleted>

Could there be an advantage in what and when pack animals attack?  If an
individual does not make a particular attack where a pack would, would 
that show up in the studies?