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RE: Gangs, packs, etc.

Grizzlies do steal wolf kills - that is direct competition. 

10,000 years is too soon to expect a lot of evolutionary change.  There is a
book that came out recently about American Pronghorn that argues their high
speed running ability and various behaviors evolved in response to the
extinct mega predators - particularly the American Cheetah, and the American
long legged hyena.  The predators went extinct, but the pronghorn still act
like fast African antelopes even though there is nothing alive today that
could possibly catch them.

So, I would expect that wolves today are pretty much like they were 10,000
years ago.   We don't really know very much about group living in other
extinct American megafauna.  The default guess is that these animals acted
like their extant cousins in Africa - i.e. lions and hyena and dire wolves
lived and hunted in groups.  But that is just a guess.

Smilodon was MUCH bigger than a cougar, but nobody knows how they lived.
Sabre toothed cats have independently developed many times, and the current
best idea is that they hunted large animals (mammoths, ground sloths in the
American case)then getting out the way until the prey bled to death.  If
this is the case (which is far from proven), then you would expect them to
live in groups because a mammoth is a huge thing to eat.

European lions were pack - i.e. pride - hunters.  This is known pretty well
from historical sources.

This is all quite interesting, however we are straying quite a bit from