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Re: flocking

Bill Adlam wrote:

<The skein does follow the bird at the front, but this
has nothing to do with pecking order. Different birds
take turns in going first, and suffering higher drag.>

  I was wondering about that. I mean, horse herds opt
to have the "boss" the back, but why would the Flying
V's [skeins?] opt for the morew turbulent leading
edge? Indeed, thanks for the correction.

<If predators are evenly distributed, you minimise
your chances of meeting one by getting in between 2 or
more other prey animals. Of course, they're all trying
to do the same...>

  I said "chaos" was "the driving force of the
universe;" seems I was wrong. It's cowardice.

  "He who runs away,
   lives to flock another day."

- Greek proverb: "Knowledge is Inherent;
  Stupidity is Learned." -

Jaime A. Headden

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