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tooth ID...

Is there any information, publications, books that I can get a hold of for
tooth Identification?  I am mostly interested in one that shows the tooth
serrations(measurements)of Tyrannosaurids and Dromeosaurids.  These past few
days I have collected more teeth in the Judith River formation, then I
thought possible.  And among these are 2 different types of meat-eating
dinosaurs. I would like to know who the belong to.  Other teeth include
ceratopsian, hadrosaur, and ... another one that I am not sure of  right
now, since I have never seen it before...maybe anklyosaurid?   Other then
the teeth my field searches have been going pretty good, I have
aproximatally...15, sites where there maybe good skeletal preservation.  At
least the ones on the surface look good.  :?)  Well thats about it... let me
know about the tooth ID info.  Thanks in advance.

Mr. K.Wicks
Dickinson State University -ND
Dept of Natural Sciences- Biology
Paleo Mont

Paleo Mont Research

Paleo Mont Park

"If we knew what we were doing, it wouldnt be called research, would it?" A.

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