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Paleo career FAQs prepped for the DML

The "science dealing with the life of past geologic periods as known 
from fossil remains"* (aka paleontology) is a career about which the 
Dinosaur Mailing List receives inquiries on a regular basis, so much so 
that it was suggested that we do an FAQ section on it in the Administrivia.

Despite nay-saying predictions that this was tried before and wasn't 
followed through on (who said that?), it is now in place at:
and is called "So you want to be a paleontologist?"

Mickey and I would like to thank contributors Chris Brochu, Jim Farlow,
Kevin Padian, Donald Prothero, Josh Smith, and Jonathan Wagner for
their suggestions and for allowing us to use what they wrote about 
paleontology in general and their college programs in particular.  

Those readers in high school who are wondering how to prepare for 
this type of career and those who are in college and thinking about
graduate school should find the information we have gathered and
the many links included useful in answering paleo career questions. 

Mary Kirkaldy
Co-owner, Dinosaur Mailing List

*Webster's New Collegiate Dictionary