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Re: evasive, camouflaged flocking

At 02:34 PM 5/20/99 -0500, Matthew Bonnan wrote:
>Betty Cunningham brings up a good point with the giraffe having
>"camoflauge."  However, let us keep in mind that color vision is the
>primitive vertebrate condition (help from Mickey Rowe on this one?) --
>fish, amphibians, reptiles, and birds all see in color to varying
>degrees, and many see colors in a wider spectrum than humans.  Most
>mammals, in contrast, have poor color vision.  Primates are the odd
>exception to this rule.
>The dull colorations of mammals may be due in part to the lack of
>color vision in these animals.  On the other hand, fish, amphibians,
>reptiles, and birds tend to be very colorful animals, in part perhaps
>because they can see those colors.

There was a mathematical analysis done a few years back on animal
colorings.  They identified a single chaotic formula that gave the
markings of most mammals given inputs indicating size and basic 

There are a number of animals that are color blind and have colorful
markings.  The colorations affect the prey and preditors in many cases.  

Is there any speculation on what drove the use of color?