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Re: evasive, camouflaged flocking

At 04:05 PM 5/20/99 -0500, Matthew Bonnan wrote:
>Randy King said:
>"There are a number of animals that are color blind and have
>markings.  The colorations affect the prey and preditors in many
>Just curious -- could you give examples?

I knew that question was going to be asked.  I have been through
that discussion before, but can't recall the good answers.  :)

I believe snakes fit the bill.  

Most livestock are colorblind, I believe that horses are.

All (? at least most) cats are colorblind; although, I've also heard
that some can distinguish the color red. 

Almost all fish are colorblind, though reflections and changing light
conditions can cause the colors to change appearances over short 
periods of time.