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RE: Torvosaurus & Giganotosaurus

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Subject:        Re: Torvosaurus & Giganotosaurus

This clade could be called Megalosauridae, because many researchers
have identified a close relationship between _Megalosaurus_ and
_Torvosaurus_.  Unfortunately, _Megalosaurus_' postcranium is not
well-known.  This may be one of the reasons why this family of
big, stocky-armed, primitive tetanurines has been called the
Torvosauridae by some.

This always gets me. The postcranium of Megalosaurus is well known, and it
is diagnostic. Brooks did a great job comparing Torvosaurus with
Megalosaurus. The ilia are nearly identical, at least one side of the ilia
of torvosaurus is.

I believe there is a redescription of the genus _Megalosaurus_ in the
works across the Atlantic.  Maybe this will help clarify things.

Last I heard, it might not be so. I talked to someone who was visiting the
RTMP about 3 or 4 years ago. I asked about the big Powell/Welles monograph
on all the English megalosaurids, which would have created a few new taxa.
She said that no, Powell wasn't doing it, anymore, he's to busy. Besides,
Welles was (god rest his soul) a splitter and Powell a lumper.

BUT, some one across the pond might be working on it.