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Re: Torvosaurus & Giganotosaurus

At 11:25 AM 5/20/99 -0500, Matthew Bonnan wrote:
>Dr. Holtz:
>You said: "Greg Paul's illustrations of _Torvosaurus_ (there called
>tanneri_) in Predatory Dinosaurs of the World are still the best
>True, these are fine illustrations, but what of Brooks Britt's 1990
>(?) paper on Torvosaurus tanneri?  From my foggy recollection, he has
>nice skull and postcranial illustrations in there, and considers
>Torvosaurus tanneri to be a megalosaur (?) -- again foggy

Britt's reconstruction of the skull was quite nice, and obviously more
up-to-date than Paul's.  However, I was assuming from the comments that
Hammann was interested in restorations rather than detailed anatomical
drawings, so while Britt's paper is THE source for the anatomy, Greg Paul's
is the source for life and skeletal restorations.

And, yes, there is a redescription of the diagnostic material of of
_Megalosaurus bucklandi_ underway by a graduate student in England.

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