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Re: Morphology, Shape & Phylogenetics Symposium

        Not long ago, we had a brief discussion on whether morphometric data
could be used in phylogenetics.  The following was sent to a couple of
other listservers; some of y'all might be interested in the abstracts.


N. MacLeod wrote:
> This is the first detailed announcement of the program for the upcoming
> Morphology, Shape & Phylogenetics symposium, to be held in conjunction with
> the Systematics Association's Biennial Meeting this August in Glasgow,
> Scotland. Additional details for the symposium are available at...
> http://www.nhm.ac.uk/palaeontology/meetings/samp/samp.html
> or from the organizers. Additional details for the meeting are available at...
> http://www.geology.gla.ac.uk/palaeo/systass/biennial/biennia2.html
> A proceedings volume is being prepared for the symposium. For additional
> details on that watch this space. Please pass this announcement along to
> any individuals or listservers who many be interested in these topics.
> Sincerely,
> Norm MacLeod & Peter Forey

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