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Re: Comparative color vision

>As an example, back in art school we were told that people's perceptions
>of color were easily 'fad' driven, so a plummy burgundy could be
>identical to a brownish red from a prior season's color pallette but
>being TOLD that it was a different color, that there were a great many
>people, particularily adult white males, who would be too lazy to
>recognise the identical nature on their own.

Oh, those lazy, color-blind "adult white males." Presumably not Monet, 
Van Gogh, Delacroix, Kandinsky....  

I understand that Betty is quoting an art school, not stating. I 
criticize the art school not her, but the racist pseudo-taxonomy of a 
grouping like "adult white males" should offend every scientist on this 


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