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Dinosaur TV Week

Here are some highlights of U.S. national television
programming concerning dinosaurs, other prehistoric
animals and evolution, from high art to low trash and
(hopefully) back again, all times Eastern (check local
listings to confirm):

Tuesday, May 25

A&E, 7:00am
Ape Man
"The Human Puzzle"
Human evolution, narrated by Walter Cronkite so it
must be true.

Wednesday, May 26

Discovery Channel, 9:00pm (repeats midnight, and
3:00pm Saturday)
Discover Magazine
"Living Fossils"
The William S. Burroughs joke doesn't work anymore. 
Features horseshoe crabs (yes, I know, I know), some
microorganism and the now-inevitable bird-dino thing.

Saturday, May 29

A&E, Noon (repeats 6:00am Sunday)
The New Explorers
"Mystery of the Andes"
Hundred-million-year-old mammal fossils found in the

Discovery Channel, 9:00pm (repeats 1:00am)
Prehistoric Sharks
They was big.

Sunday, May 30

TNT, 4:05am
The neato first in the series of Kaiju (Japanese giant
monster) movies, although the U.S. release is hurt by
the splicing-in of Perry Mason and bad dubbing.  The
irradiated dinosaur's night raid on Tokyo is actually
kinda eerie.  It's all downhill from here.

TRAVEL Channel, 10:00pm
The Trailblazers
Includes dinosaur eggs.

Dinosaur TV Week flocks but is not feathered,


Did a large procession wave their torches
As my head fell in the basket
and was everybody dancing on the casket?

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