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Bride of Why Dinosaurs Count

I recognize that many people on the list need no higher justification for 
studying dinosaurs; and some actually insist there IS no higher 
justification, and we just do it like bottle cap collectors. 

There is a philosophic significance to this study and it interests this 
one humanist, at least.  

When we talk about dinosaurs we inevitably reflect upon mammals, and 
ultimately upon ourselves. 

Mammals never went "head to head" against the dinosaurs to "rule the 
earth" or any such pop concept. But about 65 million years ago-- I'll try 
to use a metaphor intelligible throughout the anglophone world-- both 
mammals and (non-avian) dinosaurs faced the same pitching. It was some 
new kind of pitching. 

If we could figure out why the fast, intelligent non-avian dinosaurs, 
after 155 million years of success, couldn't hit that pitch, but the 
lowly mammals could, we'd know something so important about survival and 
even about how Life works, that it would eventually, inevitably influence 
how we think about almost everything.

G. Hegel

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