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Another tooth question

Message from Thomas Hammann (Germany)

Hi all,

I've got another Carcharodontosaurus-tooth-question, but I fear that this time 
it's too complicate to answer it.

Last weekend I've read an older article in National Geographic from Sereno 
entitled "Africa's Dinosaur Castaways" (June 1996; pp 106-119). There are some 
great pictures of the famous Carcharodontosaurus-remains, but one of it seemed 
to be a little mysterious to me. On the photograph at the bottom on page 108 
can see a big single tooth which is described as followed: "Once it has been 
cleaned, a five-inch tooth reveals a series of grooves - their purpose unknown."

You can see the grooves very well on the picture. So I'm asking myself if the 
other teeth of the discovered piece of skull (which was shown in many 
in May 1996) also have got such grooves. If yes, this would possibly mean that 
all the (mostly smaller) teeth from Morocco I know from fossil-shows could 
belong to an other species. I don't think so, but if all teeth of Sereno's 
specimen have such grooves I'm not so sure about the identification of 
Carcharodontosaurus-teeth as I was before.

Maybe there is someone on the list who knows more about these grooves and the 
"real" look of Carcharodontosaurus-teeth?

Once more many thanks for any help and nice greetings from Germany,