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new refs

Hi folks--

Two neat new ones for you:

Carrano, MT. 1999. What, if anything, is a cursor? Categories vs. continuua
for determining locomotor habit in mammals and dinosaurs.  J Zool Lond
        Another good one from Carrano, critiquing the over-simplification
and categorization of limb morphometrics as well as the inconsistent
application of the term "cursorial."  One point will ruffle some feathers
(not mine): argues against theropod pursuit predation as a driving force
behind the evolution of non-theropod dinosaur locomotion.  Read it and
judge for yourself.

And of related interest,

Christiansen, P. 1999. Scaling of mammalian long bones: small and large
mammals compared. J Zool Lond 247:333-348.
        Another in a long string of mammal limb morphometrics studies; this
one (like Coombs 1978) is done by a dinosaur-interested researcher.
Critiques applying power functions in scaling studies of limb morphology
across Mammalia because it glosses over smaller-scale specializations
related to size and support.  Standard comparisons w/models of geometric,
elastic, etc. scaling.


                                --John R. Hutchinson