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Science Fair Dinosaurs

As promised, here's the report on the Intel International Science and Engineering Fair held in Philadelphia, Penn., May 1-8.

I received second place in the zoology category, and a third place award from the American Geological Institute for my project on the sinuses and horns of ceratopsids. There was only one other paleo project, dealing with taphonomy of Wheeler Shale trilobites.

While in Philadelphia, I visited with Dr. Peter Dodson about various paleo-related items. Nothing much else to report.

With science fair and graduation behind me, I'm now ready to start school at the SD School of Mines and Technology in the fall, for geology with paleo leanings.

If there are any high school students out there on the list who would like help on getting started with a paleo science fair project, I'd be glad to help out.

Signing off for now,
Andy Farke

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