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Re: (sigh)sauropod necks again--long! -Reply

On Tue, 25 May 1999, Mickey P. Rowe wrote:
> "Augustus  Toby  White" <toby.white@chamberlainlaw.com> claimed:
> [...]
> > There's no reason to think that the sauropod brain could withstand
> > oxygen deprivation any longer or better than a giraffe,
> is wrong -- I've just given a potential reason.  It might also be
> instructive to analyze how hypoxia effects the brains of different
> animals.  During the last ten years it's become increasingly clear

Wild thought. For the brain - oxygen absorption through some other
mechanism? Membrane/tissue in the skull area?

I don't really believe this myself, esp. with an animal this
size. I don't know of any contemporary examples for such, but someone
else might.

> [...]