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Re: Dinosaurian Carnivore question

>> This may sound stupid but, what is the smallest known dinosaurian
>> carnivore and how long was it?
>Good question -- Swifts? Sparrows? (Or do they eat seeds?)
You may wish to consider adding the Ruby-Throated Hummingbird (_Archilochus
colubris_) to the list of possible contenders.  I have observed Rubies on my
feeder over several years and have found that (at a whopping 7-10 cm each)
they do _ preferentially_ suck up sweetened water loaded with insect larvae
v sweetened water not loaded with insect larvae.  I've conducted this
experiment over several years by offering the hummingbirds a mixture of
sugar and the misquito-larvae rich waters from the pools behind my house
(dyed red) against sugar mixed with the groundwater from my well (dyed the
same color red).  The larvae-filled waters have so far won each time, as
measured by number of visits.