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"Meet Sue..."

Reuters (5/25/99) is reporting an interesting article called:
"Meet Sue, Tyrannosaurus Rex with a sensitive nose" by Andrew Stern.
(The article hasn't shown up on the news services yet to be able to
give a url.)  Dino list member Chris Brochu is quoted extensively.

Some excerpts:
> CHICAGO, May 25 (Reuters) - Scientists examining the largest 
> Tyrannosaurus Rex ever found said on Tuesday they have discovered 
> it had a particularly acute sense of smell, judging by olfactory bulbs 
> the size of grapefruit in its skull. 

> `We knew they had a strong sense of smell but not to this degree,'' said 
> Chris Brochu, a paleontologist at Chicago's Field Museum.

> Sue's foot-long (0.3 metre) brain, while not impressive, was larger than 
> other dinosaurs' brains and about the size one would expect in such a 
> large animal, Brochu said.