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Re: oops and rest of my post.

<< I think George Olshevesky is the only one who
 contends that it was descended from the most recent common ancestor
 Triceratops and Birds and is therefore a true dinosaur. >>

>Wouldn't it be funny if this particular definition were to exclude
>from being dinosaurs? Not yet saying that it does...

What are you talking about?  Sauropods were the best fliers around! 
Haven't you ever seen a 747 fly?  Isn't that the size and weight of a
sauropod?  Brachiosaurus was an excellent flier -- it had long arms
(=wings), its neck could be used as an air rudder, and the claws of
its hindfeet were ideal for perching in confiers, where it fed
exclusively high-flying insects and pterosaurs.  I have no evidence
for this theory, but absence of evidence isn't evidence of absence. 
Just try to prove me wrong. =) =) =) =)

(Too many long nights in the lab I suspect ...)

Matt Bonnan