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RE: Fixing dinosaurian carnivour question


Sinosauropteryx, Caudipteryx, and Protarchaeopteryx are all contenders
pretty much the same size as Compsognathus. Might want to check on
Patagonykus, and Alvarezsaurus, too. Don't happen to have those papers 
available just now. Avimimus is pretty small, too, but somewhat bigger
Compsognathus as I recall.

Caudipteryx MIGHT be excluded from the list because it is not definately a
carnivore. I wonder if Phil Currie is doing some sort of microscopic
investigation of the gut area. If it was an herbivore I would expect to find
a mass of plant cuticles amongst the gastroliths. It would be cool to
finally find out what Oviraptors were realy eating. The alvarezsaurids might
be avian (I certainly think Patagonykus and the Mononykinae are, I don't
know about Alvarezsaurus itself) so could also be excluded. If they aren't
avian then Mononykus would probably take the cake as smallest non-avian
dinosaur carnivore (what a mouthfull!). It is certainly a lot smaller than


Adam Yates