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Re: oops and rest of my post.

Adam Yates wrote:

>Marasuchus is another possible candidate. It was tiny (about the size of
>a ferret) but most do not consider it to be a true dinosaur, although it
>is a very close cousin. I think George Olshevesky is the only one who
>contends that it was descended from the most recent common ancestor of
>Triceratops and Birds and is therefore a true dinosaur.

This "most recent common ancestor" would have to be the sister group to all
other dinosaurs, as Triceratops and birds represent the two large clades of
dinosaurs. Definitely not Eoraptor. Lagosuchus or a close relative,
perhaps? But then lagosuchids ("lagosuchians?") are excluded from
dinosauria, aren't they?

I'd appreciate any reference on Marasuchus.

Raymond Thaddeus C. Ancog
Mines and Geosciences Bureau