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Re: Fixing dinosaurian carnivour question

At 01:09 AM 5/26/99 EDT, George Olshevsky wrote:

>Sinosauropteryx, Caudipteryx, and Protarchaeopteryx are all contenders at 
>pretty much the same size as Compsognathus.

Well, _Caudipteryx_ is larger than the compsognathids (I remember how
shocked I was when I first saw that it wasn't an Archaeopteryx-sized form!!).

>Might want to check on Mononykus, 
>Patagonykus, and Alvarezsaurus, too. Don't happen to have those papers 
>available just now. Avimimus is pretty small, too, but somewhat bigger than 
>Compsognathus as I recall.

_Avimimus_ is comparable in size to _Compsognathus_, but smaller than

There are other small theropods (published or soon to be) for which we don't
know the ontogenetic stage: mostly teeth and limb bones.

On the subject of somewhat larger forms...  Watch this space for an
announcement wihtin the next 48 hours (he said, cryptically).

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