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Re: Fixing dinosaurian carnivour question

> >On Tue, 25 May 1999, megaraptor wrote:
> >
> >> Ok, I think many people may have a misunderstanding about my question.
> >> What I meant by "dinosaurian carnivore" was not an avian type of
> >> dinosaurian carnivore, I meant DINOSAUR, as in Mesozoic era not any time
> >> period after. I am sorry if anyone misunderstood my question and I am
> >> sorry if Icame out rude just now.
> >
> >Dinosauria includes modern Aves by (cladisitic) definition, so it's a good
> >idea to specify.
> >
> >So, do you want the smallest (known, adult) non-avian carnivorous dinosaur
> >or the smallest (known, adult) Mesozoic carnivorous dinosaur?
> >
> >--T. Mike Keesey

Well, if you really want to be paleo-politically correct,  I suppose that
birds may be dinosaurs.  I know there are those who love to refer to
(classic)dinosaurs as extinct avians, and others love to refer to them as
non-avian dinosaurs.   I guess that makes us non-extinct pelycosaurs.  Even if
we agree to confine our discussions to pre-KT creatures, I wonder how many of
us would stick around if the focus was extensive rambles on prehistoric
pigeons and sparrows.