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Re: Fixing dinosaurian carnivour question

"T. Mike Keesey" wrote:

> So, do you want the smallest (known, adult) non-avian carnivorous dinosaur
> or the smallest (known, adult) Mesozoic carnivorous dinosaur? The former
> is _Compsognathus longipes_, at about 3 feet in length (and we *know* it
> was a carnivore since one specimen had a lizard -- _Bavarisaurus_ in its
> gut). The latter -- there were some sparrow-sized enantiornitheans -- I'd
> find some names but my webserver appears to be down. (NOOO!)

Even though your server was down, people can still access your pages which
are cached by the search engine Google.  I use your pages a lot (even during
the last few days), and Google's caching has been very useful.

Jeananda Col

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