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Re: Digestion: Is there a chemist in the house?

"Ralph W. Miller III" wrote:
> and I cannot think of any man-made tool which functions quite
> like the head of _Suchomimus_ in catching fish! 

Do you have to do this at a 1/1 scale or can you demonstrate woith
smaller apparatus?

Suchomimus can be demonstrated with toothed salad grippers (the tong
kind), perhaps best demonstrated while hunting those slippery devils,
canned peaches.  

heheh T rex's bite can be best demonstrated with a melon baller.

> I can, of course, prepare some things ahead of time: a floppy bone which has
> soaked in vinegar for a week, for instance.  Still, I would like to hear from
> anyone who can tell me how to demonstrate _spontaneous digestive activity_
> with acids, enzymes, and yeast.  If you feel that this information would be
> too dangerous for general list "consumption," please contact me off-list.

Dissolving table sugar in water maybe?  It certainly would smell less
Would these kids' parents object if you set up a beer maker in your
class room?

-Betty Cunningham

Flying Goat Graphics
(Society of Vertebrate Paleontology member)