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Dinosauricon Update #22: Crappiness

A little over a week ago, the Dinosauricon was transferred to a new
server. Something appears to have happened to that machine, and to the
machine it used to be on. The logistics of getting to it and figuring out
what happened are a bit tricky at the moment, so it may be down for an
extended period of time.

I will continue to keep the site up to date on my own computer, so it'll
be ready when it can be resurrected. However, I do not have copies of the
latest versions of some data files. Specifically, I need two files which I
made public a little while ago: "genera.txt" and "taxa.txt". I tried
Google!, but those files do not appear to be cached there. Has anyone
downloaded them in the past couple of weeks? If so, could you e-mail them
to me (zipped, if possible)?

Thanks, folks--